As an Artisan for the past 40 years, I've always had creative hands and an eye for something "Special".  After inheriting a collection of vintage jewelry from my mother, I decided to give these pieces new life by "upcycling" them into beautiful and revived pieces, while still preserving their vintage class and charm. I turn something old into something new to be enjoyed and worn with pride today!! Many people have vintage jewelry pieces and have know idea what to do with it because they will not wear it, yet can't through it out becasuse there were to many memories in the pieces of a beloved family member.  I have also, with great pleasure and much love, named my business after my mother's name..."Lady Anne".  The name seemed so fitting seeing that my mother is such a "Grand Lady".  It is a pleasure to be able to share our love of vintage jewelry together.  She collected many pieces over her lifetime at garage sales, auctions and flee markets, and my dad would instal nails in her closet to hang each piece or make another drawer for her in the closet for the brooches or earrings. She was the youngest of 18 children and I believe never had a real childhood, so in her later years, she loved to collect "Bling" and as I grew up, I was able to wear these pieces to Proms and Formals.   As I create each piece I'm always on the lookout for other interesting novelties that I can incorporate into my work.  Every piece features vintage pieces of jewelry long forgotten but well loved.  If the piece is in excellent shape then I will only help it be vibrant again to be enjoyed by someone else.  I take great pride in producing a beautiful, strong product.  Each piece is a One-of-a-Kind design and cannot be duplicated.   I have been given a great gift, to be able to recreate something special as a Repurposed Vintage Designer. 

I hope you enjoy wearing these creative works of art as much as I do.  It is simply "Repurposed Vintage Jewelry Design"!

With much Love (and for you Mom........ thanks for being who you are and teaching me that Life is a gift!)


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